How To Change IP Address in Windows

How To Change IP Address in Windows.

There may be several reasons why you might change your IP address. You may want to access a regional website that does not allow your IP address or your current IP address is blocked on the forum.

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There are many ways to easily change your IP address, however, you may need to use a specific method for your specific situation. In this tutorial, we are going to mention the various methods to change your IP address, just choose the one that suits you best.

What is an IP address?

When a computer connects to a network (local or Internet), it is assigned a unique identifier called an IP address. It’s like the names of the students in the class. There are two types of IP addresses.

How To Change IP Address in Windows

1. Public or external IP address is the IP address of your router as assigned by your ISP. The public IP address looks like this – To check your current public IP address, simply do a Google search for “what is my IP address.”

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) assign both static and dynamic IP addresses, here is an explanation of both:

1.1 Static IP address. The static IP address cannot be changed automatically. It becomes your identity until you change your service provider. You can disguise it with a different IP address using a VPN or proxy service, but you cannot change it unless your ISP agrees.

1.2. Dynamic IP address. Many ISPs assign an IP address from a pool of IP addresses when they connect to a network. This means that your IP address changes frequently and you will not have a fixed identity.

2. Private or internal IP address is the IP address assigned to all devices connected to your router, such as your computer, Android phone. This private IP usually looks something like, etc. To find your private IP, enter ipconfig / all in your cmd.

Again, a private IP address can be static or dynamic. We’ll come back to this later.

Now let’s see how to change the IP address in all cases.

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First case: How to change the public IP address

First, figure out whether your public IP address is static or dynamic. 99% of the time, you will have a dynamic IP address. So let’s see how to change that.

First method: contact your internet service provider

Usually, your ISP will not assign a static IP unless you pay extra for it, but if you have a static public IP and want to change it permanently, contact your ISP and ask them to assign you a new public IP. the address. If you want to temporarily change your public IP address, see Method # 3.

Method 2: Turn off your modem to get a new IP address

This is the easiest way to change your IP address. If you have a dynamic IP address, restarting the modem should automatically change the IP address.

To change your IP address, simply turn off your modem, wait 5-10 minutes and turn it back on. You should see the new IP address assigned to you, otherwise you might have to wait 5-8 hours and then turn on the modem. It depends on your ISP, how quickly it will assign a new IP address.

Council. To check your current public IP address, simply do a Google search for “what is my IP address.”

How To Change IP Address in Windows

Method 3: Use a web proxy or a VPN service

You can also use a web proxy or VPN service to change your IP address and access content on the Internet. This is a simple method, but it has its drawbacks. These services (free) slow down your connection and also load web pages with ads. You will need to select a paid service if you want to view correctly.

These services will also mask both dynamic and static IP addresses. Thus, even if you have a static IP address, you can use such services to mask your public IP address.

3.1 Agent service

You can simply enter the address on the website of the proxy service provider and you will be able to access it from a different IP address (possibly from a different country). The service is fairly easy to access, but it affects your browsing experience by slowing it down a bit or displaying ads. A good proxy provider will charge you for using their services, but most are free or have paid upgrades. Some free proxy services include Kproxy, Proxify, and ProxySite.

3.2 VPN Service

The VPN service will mask your current IP address at the system level. This means that it will not only affect your viewing, but everything else; such as programs and games. You can check out our list of the best free VPNs to find a good VPN. Most VPNs are ad-supported and require a premium account to get rid of ads and gain access to additional features.

If you only want a VPN in your browser, you can also use the Opera browser. It comes with a built-in free VPN that is fast, free, and ad-free.

Second case: How to change the private IP address

Just like a public IP address, a private IP address can also be static or dynamic. Typically, most home routers have DHCP enabled, which gives a dynamic IP address to every computer connected to it. For example, if you connect your computer to Wi-Fi, now it will be assigned, if you unplug the computer and connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi, the router can also assign to it, and if you connect the computer later, it can assign it another available IP address, for example, etc.

On the subject: How to find the IP address of your router

You can check if you have a dynamic IP or a static one right in Windows. Press Windows Key + R and type “cmd” in the Run dialog box to launch a command prompt. Now enter “ipconfig / all” and press Enter. You will see a lot of information about your connection. Here check the entry next to the DHCP Enabled option. If “Yes”, then you have a static IP address, and if “No”, then you have a dynamic IP address.

In most cases, DHCP will be enabled.

How To Change IP Address in Windows

Now again, the steps to change your private IP address are different for both static and dynamic (if DHCP is enabled). Let’s take a look at them in turn.

2.1 Change Private IP Address – if DHCP is enabled

Method # 1 Using the command line

You can use command line to update your IP address. It may not be as easy as the above method, but it is faster.

Open Command Prompt by pressing Windows Key + R to open the Run window. Here enter “cmd” and click “OK”.

A command prompt will open, type ipconfig / release and press Enter.

After the process is complete and you are ready to enter commands again, type ipconfig / Renew and press Enter. This will reset your IP address and you should be able to see it on the command line.

How To Change IP Address in Windows

Method # 2 Disconnect the Internet

This is the same as restarting the router to change the public IP address. Since you have DHCP enabled, if you turn off Wi-Fi or turn off the system and connect other devices to WiFi, DHCP will assign your IP address to the new device. And then when you reconnect to the network, DHCP will provide a new private IP address. Although this may not work all the time.

How To Change IP Address in Windows

2.2 Change of Private IP Address – If DHCP is disabled

If you are using a static IP address on your local network, you can easily assign a different static IP address by going to network settings. To do this, first find your IP by typing ipconfig in cmd and look for the ipv4 value. Let’s say it’s Also make a note of your default gateway and subnet mask. We’ll need this later.

Now click “Start” type “Network and Sharing Center” and press “Enter”.

A new window will open, click Change adapter settings Right click on the current network adapter (eg WiFi) and select Properties a new window will open, here click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4), then Properties Use The Following. IP address.

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Here you need to enter an IP address that belongs to the same subnet of your default gateway and should not be assigned to other devices on the same network. So your old IP was, you can enter 192.168.1.x; where x is in the range 0 to 255 and should not be used by other devices. If another device has the same IP address as this one, there will be a network conflict and no device can access the Internet. See this video for details.

Enter a new IP address and enter the same subnet mask and default gateway that you specified in the previous step. and then save your changes.

To confirm your changes, run ipconfig in cmd. If you see your new IP address and your Internet is working, then you have successfully changed your IP address.


You can use the methods described above to change your IP address and acquire a new identity on the Internet. I believe a VPN service is the best way to change your IP address. It can mask a static IP address, allowing you to use different IP addresses and maintain anonymity on the network. However, if you already have a dynamic IP address, then paying for a VPN or running ads is not the best option.

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