Why does Instagram say this story is unavailable?

Why does Instagram say this story is unavailable?.Are you trying to view an Instagram story and getting the message “This story is unavailable”? Your Instagram app for iPhone (iOS) or Android displays this error for various reasons. Many items may cause your selected story to become unavailable. We’ll tell you when this error occurs and what you can do to see the history.Some reasons why you cannot access Instagram story are that the user has deleted the story, the story has expired, Instagram is not working, there is a small glitch in your Instagram app, you have muted the user’s stories and many more.

Reason 1: the user deleted his Instagram story

Why does Instagram say this story is unavailable?The most common reason for the “This story is unavailable” error is that the story you want to watch has been deleted. The Story creator may have decided to remove the Story from their profile, preventing users from accessing the item.The reason you can still see the story thumbnail in your Instagram app is because your app is caching that content. However, you cannot access the story itself because the user has deleted it from their account.Why does Instagram say this story is unavailable?In this case, the Story cannot be accessed unless you contact the Story creator and ask them to send you the Story content.

Reason 2: Instagram story has expired

Another possible reason why you are not seeing a story is that the story you selected has expired. As you may already know, Instagram Stories expire 24 hours after they are posted. After this period of time, the application deletes the history content.If the user has saved the Story elsewhere, you can ask the user to send you the contents of the Story.

Reason 3: Instagram servers are down

One of the reasons why you might receive the “This story is unavailable” error message is because Instagram is down. The platform’s servers may experience a failure, resulting in content not being available to all Instagram users.In this case, you can visit the Instagram page on Downdetector to check if the platform is indeed down. This site collects crash reports from users and lets you know if there are problems with the site.Why does Instagram say this story is unavailable?If the site tells you that Instagram is down, you have no choice but to wait for the platform to restore functionality. When this happens, you will be able to access the story you selected.

Reason 4: Your Instagram app is glitching

Sometimes the problem is not on Instagram’s side, but on your side. There may be some minor issues with your Instagram app that may prevent you from viewing your stories. These app issues are not uncommon, and there are some easy ways to fix these app issues.One of the main fixes you can apply is to force stop and reopen the Instagram app on your phone. This disables all application functions and reboots, which eliminates many minor problems. If this doesn’t solve your problem, reboot your iPhone or Android phone to fix minor issues with your phone. Why does Instagram say this story is unavailable?Another fix that Android users can use is clearing the app cache, which helps solve many problems. You can do this by going to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Instagram > Use storage and click Clear cache. In this case, you will not lose your account data.

Reason 5: You have muted the user’s stories

Muting someone’s Stories will ensure that you won’t see that user’s Stories in the top bar of your Instagram app. While muting doesn’t directly affect your ability to access stories, it’s worth unmuting a user whose stories you can’t watch to possibly resolve your issue.

  1. Open Instagram on your phone and open the profile page of the user whose stories are not loading.
  2. Select Subscriptions on your profile page.
  3. Select Mute sound from the menu.
  4. Disable Stories to enable sound in user stories.

Reason 6: Instagram deleted the story, so you see the error “This story is not available on Instagram”

Why does Instagram say this story is unavailable?One of the reasons why you can’t access a Story is because Instagram has deleted that particular Story. While it’s rare, Instagram has been known to take action when a story or other type of content goes against the platform’s community guidelines. The Story you’re trying to view may have violated Instagram’s rules, forcing the platform to remove the Story.In this case, you will not be able to do anything to access History. If you know the creator of the Story, you can contact him and ask to see the content of the Story.

Reason 7: the user closed his Instagram account

When a user makes their Instagram account private, you cannot access any of that user’s profile content, including their stories. Only users who follow that specific account can access that account’s content, such as stories, when the private account feature is enabled. Why does Instagram say this story is unavailable?If you don’t follow the user whose stories you want, and that user account is private, this may be why you can’t access your story. A user could make their account private immediately after your Instagram app downloaded that user’s story.In this case, go to the user’s profile page and follow the account. Once the account owner accepts your follow request, you will be able to view that user’s content, including their stories.

Reason 8: the user blocked you on Instagram

If you continue to receive the “This story is unavailable” error message, the creator of the story may have blocked your account from the platform. A user may have blocked you after your Instagram app loaded their story. For this reason, you see the story thumbnail but cannot access the story content.When someone blocks you on Instagram, you can’t access their stories, photos, videos, or other content. You can’t even access that user’s profile and that profile won’t show up in Instagram search either.In this case, if you think that the user has made a mistake, you can contact him through other channels and ask him to unblock you on Instagram.

Reason 9: Instagram account has been deactivated or deleted

The last possible reason why you are not seeing history is that the user has deactivated or deleted their Instagram account. This action may have occurred after your app has loaded the history.In this case, you will not be able to do anything on your part to view the History. You can try contacting the user on other platforms and inquire about the status of their Instagram account. However, please note that someone deactivates or deletes their account for some reason.

Fixing Instagram error “This story is no longer available”

There are several reasons why you may not be able to access someone’s Instagram story. As explained above, Instagram could take action against a Story, the Story creator could remove the item, and so on.The guide above explains the different reasons why the “This story is not available” error appears and what you can do in each scenario on this platform. We hope this answers your question about why you can’t view your history.

Why does Instagram say this story is unavailable?

Why does Instagram say this story is unavailable?

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