Here are the Top 10 highest paid YouTubers of 2017

Here are the Top 10 highest paid YouTubers of 2017.

Forbes recently released a new list of the highest paid YouTube stars, with the top 10 highest paid YouTube stars earning $ 127 million. Figures based on data from YouTube, Social Blade and Captiv8, as well as interviews with agents, managers, publicists, producers and lawyers.

Top 10 highest paying YouTubers

# 10 Lily Singh

Earnings – $ 10.5 million.

Genre – Comedy

Real subscribers – 12 million

Lilly Singh, better known as “Superwoman”, was the highest paid female YouTuber in 2016. She earned an estimated $ 10.5 million this year and $ 7.5 million last year.

Watch this honest Q&A video from Superwomen below.

# 8 (Tie) Ryan ToysReview

Earnings – $ 11 million.

Genre – Unpacking toys

Real subscribers – 10 million

According to Forbes, 6-year-old YouTube’s Ryan ToysReview has generated $ 11 million in revenue this year from his YouTube account. The journey began 2 years ago when Ryan, who was just a 4-year-old fan of toy review videos at the time, asked his parents why he couldn’t watch toys on YouTube as well.

Watch this astronomically lucky kid take a look at the candy dispenser with his own hands below:

# 8 (Tie) Smosh

Earnings – $ 11 million.

Genre – Comedy

Real subscribers – 22 million

Smosh is one of the oldest YouTube channels. Created by comedy duo Ian Hecocks and Anthony Padilla in 2005, the same year YouTube launched. However, Anthony Padilla left the Smosh channel in June 2017 to create his own solo YouTube account.

Anthony Padilla’s “Why I Quit Smosh” video has reached 11 million views on YouTube.

# 7 Jake Paul

Earnings – $ 11.5 million.

Genre – Comedy

Real subscribers – 11 million

Jake Paul is a 20-year-old Vine star who later became a YouTube star after Vine closed. He also had an acting career on the Disney Channel, which was later canceled by Disney due to public complaints from Paul’s neighbors against Paul who drew huge crowds of screaming fans and set a fire in his empty pool.

Watch this video as Jake Paul explains who he really is.

# 6 Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie)

Earnings – $ 12 million.

Genre – fiction, comedy

Real subscribers – 58 million

PweDiePie is a popular YouTube star who, like Smosh, got his start in the early days of YouTube with Let’s Play videos. But lately, Felix has faced several controversies over his anti-Semitic jokes and the use of the word “n” in live broadcast.

PewdiePie has the most YouTube subscribers (58 million as of this writing), followed by Herman Garmendia with 38 million subscribers.

Watch this video from Game Theorist on how PewDiePie conquered YouTube

# 4 (tie) Marc Fischbach (Markiplier)

Earnings – $ 12.5 million.

Genre – Games

Real subscribers – 18 million

Unlike other YouTube gaming channels, Mark Fischbach, commonly known as Markeiplier, started his journey in mid-2012. In an interview with Forbes, Mark said: “I had a bad rupture, I got fired, I had an adrenal tumor. , “he said.” It was a series of frustrating events. While I was recovering, I so desperately needed something to be under my control. This year, Mark made $ 12.5 million on YouTube.

Check out Mark’s interview for Forbes below.

# 4 Logan Paul

Earnings – $ 12.5 million.

Genre – comedy, vlogging

Real subscribers – 14 million

Logan Paul, like his younger brother Jake Paul (yes, the same guy at # 7), was a Vine celebrity who later jumped to YouTube after Vine closed. Although both brothers are quite popular among teenagers, the duo are considered by some to be a “YouTube villain.”

His video The Fall Of Jake Paul has garnered 142 million views on YouTube.

# 3 The perfect dude

Earnings – $ 14 million.

Genre – Sports entertainment

Real subscribers – 24 million

Unlike everyone on the list, Dude Perfect is a 5-member group (former college roommates and basketball players). Their video consists of stunt sports footage such as the ping pong trick and the popular Fidget Spinner stunt shot. Dude Perfect has broken several Guinness records.

Watch Dude Perfect’s Fidget Spinner stunt footage below

# 2 Evan Fung (@ VanossGaming)

Earnings – $ 15.5 million.

Genre – Games

Real subscribers – 21 million

It’s true when they say that the gaming genre dominates the YouTube ecosystem. Evan Fong, commonly known as VanossGaming, claims that he didn’t get to know video games at a young age. He dropped out in his sophomore year as the popularity of his YouTube channel began to grow. He says he never expected to be paid for video games. He made $ 15.5 million this year.

Evan’s most popular video “The Toys Escape!” Achieved 41 million views on YouTube.

# 1 Daniel Middleton (DanTDM)

Earnings – $ 16.5 million.

Genre – Games

Real subscribers – 16 million

Dan Middleton, also known as DAnTDM, is the richest YouTube blogger in the world in 2017. Like other YouTube users, Daniel began his YouTube journey while still studying, filming himself playing the popular adventure game Pokemon. Today, his videos have been watched over 10 billion times, making him the richest YouTube star most people dream of.

Here is the best of his THEDIAMONDMINECART video, which has 40 million views on YouTube.

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