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What is the Windows Modules Installer and how can it be saved?

What is the Windows Modules Installer and how can it be saved?. As one of the many system processes on your Windows PC, the Windows Modules Installer plays an important role in how Windows works. You may not know this yet, but this process helps to ensure that Windows Update is working properly. Like ntoskrnl.exe and others, you cannot stop or disable it. This does not mean that you should not be wondering what exactly the Windows Modules Installer workflow does and whether it is safe, especially if you see it with high CPU usage in Task Manager. To help you, here’s what you need to know about this important process, including how to fix it if problems arise. What Is Windows Modules Installer Worker? The Windows Modules Installer workflow (tiworker.exe) is part of the Windows Update service that keeps your computer up to date. When Windows Update scans, downloads, and installs updates to your computer, the Windows Modules Installer workflow will be launched. The service will

Top 5 Alternatives to Schedule Windows Tasks

Top 5 Alternatives to Schedule Windows Tasks. Windows Task Scheduler is a handy part of the Windows operating system that allows you to automate and schedule applications and various scripts to run whenever and wherever you want. In the hands of an experienced user, you can create real magic with this tool, but it’s not the most user-friendly interface in the world! Fortunately, there are many third-party alternatives to Windows Task Scheduler to choose from. Some of them make things easier, others add even more advanced features. Advanced Task Scheduler ($39.95) Advanced Task Scheduler is a shareware application that you can try for 30 days to make sure it works for you. While it may not be free, the basic version of the apps only costs $ 39.95 and offers a decent set of features for the money. If you need to service multiple workstations, this can quickly get expensive. However, home users with a single computer that needs better automation may find the price of the feat

What can I do if I get the Audio Renderer Error on Windows 10?

What can I do if I get the Audio Renderer Error on Windows 10?. You keep getting an “Audio renderer” error. Please restart your computer “while watching or trying to watch YouTube on Windows 10? If you haven’t already, do what the message says and try restarting your computer. Then clear your browser cache . If that doesn’t fix the YouTube audio rendering error (or if it keeps showing up after a while), the problem might be with your audio device software. The fixes below should help you fix this. Unplug/Replug the Sound Device Do you have a wired audio playback device (like headphones) connected to your computer? If so, disable it and try playing the YouTube video. If you don’t encounter the YouTube sound renderer error, you can reconnect the device. That alone could fix the problem forever. Having multiple external playback devices connected to your computer at the same time can also cause YouTube audio renderer to fail. In this case, leave the default playback device con

Rename A Printer in Windows 10 2020

Rename A Printer in Windows 10 2020. When you add a printer in Windows 10, it is given a default name. For example, a manufacturer’s name such as Brother or Canon, followed by the model number of that particular device. This can cause confusion if you have multiple printers on the same network. If you only have one printer, you can give it a name that is easier for you to recognize. If you have more than one, one printer may be useful for printing images, while the other is better suited for printing documents. This can help rename your printers in Windows 10 with different names such as “photo printer” and “document printer”. This can help ease headaches when figuring out which one to choose later. It can also help your family choose printers with simplified names. There are several ways to rename a printer in Windows 10. You can use Windows 10 settings or Control Panel. Rename the printer in the settings Let’s go to Windows Settings to begin the process of renaming your print