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How to manage disk spaces in Windows 10 to back up data

How to manage disk spaces in Windows 10 to back up data. how to automatically backup files to an external hard drive windows 10 If your computer has a lot of data, you may not always have enough space to store it. Sometimes you need extra storage for large files or cloud storage , but even that fills up quickly. With Windows 10 Storage Spaces, you can organize and consolidate all your files using software-configured technology like RAID. We’ll walk you through how to use the Storage Spaces feature in Windows 10 to back up your data. What is Storage Spaces on Windows 10? The Windows 10 Storage Spaces feature helps you increase the amount of storage on your computer while protecting your data and storage from disk read errors or driver failures. This feature is implemented in software similar to RAID and can be used to group hard drives into one virtual disk. It can also mirror data across multiple drives for redundancy. From this pool, you can create Disk Spaces that stor

How to find the MAC address on Windows or Mac

How to find MAC address on Windows or Mac. Any device that connects to a Wi-Fi network must identify itself to the network using a unique network address. This unique identifier, known as a Media Access Control (MAC) address, helps network administrators or observers track or profile each user’s network activity and location over time. While most of the time you may not have to worry about the MAC address of your device, there are times when you need to know the MAC address of a network adapter. This way you can identify the device or configure network permissions on your router. Whatever the reasons you need a MAC address, we’ll show you several ways to do it on both Mac and PC. What is a MAC Address? The MAC address is a unique 17-digit character (00: 1A: C2: 9B: 00: 68, for example) that serves as a hardware identifier built into your computer’s network interface controller (NIC) card. A unique identifier is assigned by the device manufacturer and is permanently associated

How to set a video lock screen on iPhone

How to set a video lock screen on iPhone. Most people like to set their own photo as their iPhone lock screen, as it helps give your phone a little more personality. However, an even more unique option to truly customize your iPhone is to set a video as your lock screen. Technically, you cannot set an actual video as the iPhone lock screen, however, you can use Live Photo to do much the same. Live Photos are special photos taken with an iPhone that capture motion as they are taken. If you have a specific part of the video that you want to use as your lock screen, you can easily convert it to a live photo and do the same. Please be aware that iPhone SE and iPhone XR cannot set Live Photo Move as the lock screen. However, these phones have dynamic wallpaper s similar to live wallpaper s. Setting a Live Photo as Your Lock Screen If you already have a Live Photo that you want to set as your background, here’s how to find that option and set it up. Open the Settings app on iPhone.